The human hip must support a considerable load. This joint supports the greatest load in the entire body. As it is a spherical joint, the range of hip motion is very broad. It is involved in practically all the movements of the body. A healthy hip supports approximately 1.5 million movements, known as “load variations”, per year. Not only does it constantly support the normal weight of the body, but, based on the type of movement, it supports a load much greater than that of the body. Walking slowly subjects the hip to three times the body weight while walking fast subjects it to up to seven times the body weight.


The human knee must support a considerable load. It is the biggest joint in our body, involved in practically every movement we make. It is constantly subjected to pressure and tension. During our daily activities such as going up the stairs, the joint supports a load much greater than the normal one. A bent knee must support a load equal to 7.5 times body weight.